With a plethora of new acronyms and terms being used in relation to CXM and the technology on which is runs, in conjunction with more established ones from CRM, customer services and marketing more generally, we thought it might prove useful for those new to CXM to provide a comprehensive glossary of terms and acronyms.


CX – Customer Experience
CXM – Customer Experience Management
CEM – Customer Experience Management
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
SaaS – Software-as-a-Service
QR Codes – Quick Response Codes
VoC – Voice of the Customer

Glossary of Terms

Big Data –
Closed Loop Feedback

Churn – Customers ending their relationship with a brand or business.
Customer Experience
Customer Experience Management – [see topically related CXM post]
Customer Rescue – Action taken by a company to avoid the loss of a customer to a competitor, usually after negative feedback is received from the customer.
Customer Touchpoints – Where a customer comes into contact with a brand e.g. in-store, website, social media or contact centre.
Incentivised Feedback Surveys – [see topically related Incentivised Feedback Surveys post]
Quick Response Codes – [see topically related QR Codes post]
Voice of the Customer

Have we missed any? Please complete the form below and we will be happy to add any omitted terms.

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