As a direct result of the feedback we have been given since launch, relating to the pricing structure for the Feedback Scheme service, we have decided upon setting clear bands for businesses in multiple locations, and also introducing some substantial new discounts for larger organisations.

Further to this while ‘£5.99 per month per location’ was being well received as affordable by many small businesses, for some sole traders particularly this figure was still prohibitive, and so we’ve lowered the single location licence to a payment of just £59+VAT per year, so to ensure that Feedback Scheme membership is absolutely affordable to any business, with a view to its adoption as a UK standard over the next couple of years.

The new price bands and rates took effect at 1pm on Tuesday, 20th January 2015 and you can view more information if you click here.

Feedback Scheme will endeavour to continue to listen to feedback ourselves when speaking to organisations in the UK, and make changes accordingly to the scheme going forward.

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