Boost For Consumers As The UK’s First Universal Feedback Scheme Launches

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A brand new scheme being launched this week aims to provide UK consumers with a single familiar system with which to easily make complaints to companies across the UK, when they are unhappy with a service.

Using Feedback Scheme is completely free for the customer, they simply enter the name of the business and its location. There are no long questionnaires, the customer simply gives their feedback in their words, before sending it direct to a local manager within the business. A customer can then monitor when their feedback has been read, and receive a response, all the while keeping their own email address confidential.

Feedback Scheme Home PageFeedback Scheme founder Jamie Snape said, “Until now every company was forced to setup it’s own feedback website which they print hopefully on the bottom of their till receipts. If the customer does decide to visit the site they tend to be greeted by long questionnaires which often just go to a head-office administrator, and that’s not really what the consumer wants. If unhappy with a service a customer wants to be able to quickly and easily communicate this to the local manager within the business, and have them action change on the ground. Now with Feedback Scheme it’s possible, one familiar website to communicate complaints to lots of companies right across the UK.”

Consumers have often been left feeling frustrated in the past when they encounter bad service, leading some of them to vent online using review sites or posting on social media. This often damages the business by harming it’s hard-earned reputation. Feedback Scheme also gives the customer an easy alternative to just writing negative reviews, allowing them to actually help rather than damage the business, by sending their experiences privately to a manager who can then in turn respond to the customer.

Jamie Snape continued, “Many consumers who are upset about a service will have valid reasons to be so, but from this week if they see that the business is a Feedback Scheme member they will know that they are really open to hearing negative views, indeed welcome them so they can improve their business.”

Feedback Scheme aims to be used by the majority of restaurants, pubs, hotels and shops within 24 months of launch, making it much easier for UK consumers by being universal. The cost of membership for businesses has been set to a nominal fee to achieve becoming the UK standard for sending feedback for businesses large and small.

Jamie Snape concluded, “I fully expect Feedback Scheme membership will quickly become something people just expect to see from any UK business of quality, as put simply it will demonstrate they actually care about what their customers think, and will want to quickly rectify any problems locally.”

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Photography : Feedback Scheme founder Jamie Snape demonstrates the new Feedback Scheme system on laptop and mobile.

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Feedback Scheme founder Jamie Snape undertakes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Feedback Scheme founder Jamie Snape today undertook the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but wanting to go above and beyond just “the call” decided to add a little extra by insisting his nominees (after himself of course) undertake a new Ice Bucket Challenge ‘Executive Edition’, and so be wearing their suits when taking their dousing.

Having now undertaken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge following his nomination by his brother Paul Snape, he awaits the response from his three nominees; The Business Desk Director David Parkin, Charlie Haywood of Hotfoot Design, and of course his older brother Andrew Snape.

Finally please remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is in a good cause, and to donate in the UK to the MND Association at

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